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Tips and Tricks - Configure Your Widget Like a Pro

June 9 2020


We regularly receive questions about our Analytics tool – most often about the initial configuration of Widgets. These powerful and handy tools can be used in a number of ways to better understand your data. The key is to start off Widgets on the right foot!


Widgets are the backbone of our Analytics tool. They conveniently gather all the key information in your Borealis instance that you need to do your stakeholder management work – and display it in a clear and precise way so that it’s all right there, at a glance.

Widgets are essential for:

  • Tracking all team communications in recent weeks
  • Understanding where your infrastructure project “hot spots” are
  • Knowing the open rate of a smart communication
  • Mapping the geographic location of grievances
  • Having a clear view of your social investments
  • Knowing the status of compensation files and payment campaigns
  • Preparing for future compliance inspections
  • And much more

The first step is deciding what information you want displayed. This will allow you to choose the right form for configuring your Widgets. 

Check out our helpdesk article containing 5 tips on how to configure your Widgets so that you can create your own reports. Now, essential stakeholder information will always be just a quick glance away!

If you run into any difficulties or have questions, just contact us.

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