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A look at the future - We keep growing thanks to you

June 25 2020


Did you know that every year, we invest 25% of our benefits in R&D toward improving our product and making it fit our customers’ needs?


That translates into what we call a product road map. Just as a map takes you from
A to Z, this tool helps us visualize everything we want to see happening in our product, from small interface improvements to brand new features such as:

  • Online Grievances Portal
  • Twitter hashtag search
  • Communicating with stakeholders through SMS
  • Creating tasks from within a communication

And where do we get all those useful and creative ideas? From you! Indeed, most of the novelties you see in this road map came from suggestion emails, discussions with an account director, and even from tickets created in Helpdesk!

If you are curious to know more about a feature you see in our road map, call your business analyst to discuss how we could implement it for your organization or reply Yes to this email and will set up a meeting with you.

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