Multi-Factor Authentication

Use Multi-Factor Authentication to Protect Your Data

August 26, 2021

Required Access: Superusers




To be sure that your sensitive data remains secure and confidential, we usually recommend using an integration with your organization’s identity provider. This allows your organization to confirm a user’s identity and then grant access to multiple software applications with just one set of login credentials. One common way to do so is with SAML protocol.


While many organizations choose to go this route, it's not possible in all cases. Moreover, if you work with external contractors you will need to ensure the same level of security when they access your data. In both situations, using multi-factor authentication (MFA) in Borealis can provide a secure way for your users to access the system.


What is MFA?

Multi-factor authentication is a security process that requires users to identify themselves with two or more credentials before they can access sensitive information. This adds an extra layer of security beyond a username and password that makes it harder for anyone without authorization to access your data. Best of all, the process is quick and easy for your users.


Why Should Your Organization Use MFA?

  • Passwords can be easily compromised by bad actors.
  • Laptops and mobile devices that are lost or stolen can be accessed by unauthorized users.
  • Additional security is often necessary when users are not on the same network (as is often the case with remote work and Cloud Computing).

MFA helps ensure that users are who they say they are by requiring additional methods of identification that are not easily faked. This reduces potential security risks and helps you protect your data.


How Does Using MFA Protect Your Borealis Data?

Borealis uses one-time passwords to confirm a user's identity. Each time the user attempts to log in with their username and password, a new, single-use code is generated and sent to the user through an approved mobile app. The user needs to confirm their identity by entering this code in order to proceed.


Here's a look at how to install and manage MFA in Borealis.


Tip of the Month

Did you know that you can add photos of your stakeholders to personalize their records? If you’re not able to meet with stakeholders face to face, you may not have a picture of them for their file. In the meantime, you can use the photo from their LinkedIn profile (if applicable regulations permit). Simply copy their picture from LinkedIn and paste it into their stakeholder record in Borealis. Now you’ll still be able to “see” your stakeholders, even when you’re not able to meet in person.


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