Product Release - September 2021


You want to send emails to a group of stakeholders? Borealis makes it easier than ever! From our new opt-out feature in smart communications to the ability to copy a list of email addresses directly from Borealis to your email client, there are many options available to you!


Copy a list of email addresses (New interface only)

If you want to send an email to a group of stakeholders, you can now simply copy a list of email addresses in Borealis and simply paste it into the To, Cc, or Bcc box of the email you are sending.

The new action called Copy emails to clipboard is available in many places in Borealis:

  • List of individuals
  • List of organisations
  • Stakeholders in an engagement plan or in an activity of an engagement plan
  • Participants of a communication
  • Stakeholders in a distribution list

Once the list of email addresses is copied, simply go to the To, Cc or Bcc box of the email you are sending and paste it there. Don't forget to add the Borealis BCC or use the Outlook add-in to save your communication to Borealis!


Outlook add-in - BCC recipients

Speaking of the Outlook add-in, you can now record the Bcc recipients to the communication in Borealis. When you add any recipient in Bcc of your email, the add-in will offer you the option of recording these stakeholders as participants of the communication. You are free to decide if this is what you want or not.


Smart communications - Unsubscription options and interface improvement!

The smart communications add-on allows reaching out to numerous stakeholders simultaneously. Depending on the nature of your messages, you may want or need to offer a simple way for your stakeholders to tell you they do not want to receive these email messages. Enter the new unsubscription options for smart communications!

  • You can now add a link to your smart emails for stakeholders to unsubscribe themselves.
  • If stakeholders ask you directly to unsubscribe, you can also do it for them in Borealis.
  • A new report for Smart communications shows Open rate, unsubscriptions and replies.

We also introduced some other improvements to the Smart communication add-on

  • The warning and error notifications are now all actionable for smoother data quality adjustments.
  • The email address for sending the template is now clearly indicated and clickable.

Other improvements

Report filters - New option

Back in 2020 we introduced a new way to customize your Analytics reports, report filters, making them  easier to consult and manipulate. It is now possible to filter based on an Issue.


Social baseline

It is now possible to link together Heritages sites and Commitments, and Heritage sites and Issues.


New interface - Beta

The new interface beta is continuing. You can see the list of improvements here: New interface - Improvements

Please contact us at if you want to be part of it!

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