Create and Manage a Subscription-Based Distribution List

Required: "Smart Communications" add-on

Many countries have introduced regulations requiring commercial email senders to provide a way for recipients to opt out of their mailing lists. To help organizations comply with these anti-spam laws, Borealis developed subscription-based distribution lists. These provide users with a simple, efficient way to manage email subscriptions.

Create a subscription-based distribution list

1. Go to the main menu on the left, and under de "Tools" sections, select "Distribution lists". Click on the "Create" button to fill the form:



2. Under select "List type", choose "Subscription-based" and "Save and view":


Note: that the list title and description will be visible to recipients in the unsubscribe console, so it's important to make sure the information is appropriate for your audience and presented in the right language.


3. Once you have created and saved your distribution list, you will be redirected automatically to your new list. Click on the green + button to add the organizations and individuals that will be included in your mailings: 


Note: It is also possible to use the 'add multiple' feature to speed up this process. Please see this article to learn more: Individual and Organisation Lists.


4. To save some time, you can check the box "Create another" add a member and click on "Save" the list will remain open so you can continue. You can also hold the touch CTRL once  the drop-down menu is open. Than you can add multiples members and click "Save":




Manage subscriptions

5. You can manage subscriptions through the "Stakeholders" tab of your communication. Here you can see the subscription status of each stakeholder on the list:


The default status for stakeholders added to the list is 'Subscribed'. Recipients can unsubscribe from a list at any time by clicking a link at the bottom of the email message. The unsubscribe link directs recipients to a web page that displays the title and description of each list they are subscribed to in order to manage their subscription preferences for each applicable list.

If a stakeholder unsubscribes from one or more lists, their subscription status in the system will be set to 'Unsubscribed'. Recipients also have the option to completely remove their email from all lists in the system, in which case the subscription status will be changed to 'Opted-out'.

Users can change a recipient's subscription status if requested to do so. Simply use the 'Unsubscribe' action in the stakeholder grid. If a recipient wants to re-subscribe to a list, it is always possible to reactivate the subscription from the same place.

Subscription tracking

Users can easily review the subscription status for recipients to see which stakeholders are receiving their newsletters and which have unsubscribed.

You can track list subscriptions with quick filters and Analytics reports. The Subscribed Unsubscribed quick filters in the 'Stakeholders' grid of your distribution list lets you see which recipients have unsubscribed in a single click.

Need a more in-depth analysis? No problem! Just head over to 'Analytics' and view the 'Smart Email - Statistics' report. For complete details, check out this article: Smart communication system reports.

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