Create and Edit Basic Distribution Lists

Difficulty level:  Easy

Predefined distribution lists allow you to document communications sent to a group of recipients in each person’s individual record quickly and easily.

Create a Distribution List

1. Click on the Stakeholder Engagement section in the main menu on the left;

2. Select your organisations and click on the Distribution lists and click on the green + button to create a new record:





3. You may also enter subject categories, a list type, the source of the list, a description, engagement approach, and a preferred engagement frequency. Once you have completed the fields, click save:


4. Once you have completed the fields, click on "Save".

.Note: If your organization uses the Smart communication Add-on, you will have additional options. To create a basic distribution list, you must choose 'Basic' as the list type before selecting a subtype.


5. After you have created the distribution list, select the stakeholders you would like to include from the Stakeholder Engagement register in the left navigation menu:


It is possible to:

  • Select an organisation.
  • Select an individual that has a position at an organisation.
  • Select an individual not affiliated with any organisation.
  • Create a new individual and add them to the distribution list.

If a large number of stakeholders need to be added to the list, you can use the "Select multiple" function available in the Individuals and Organisation registers. (For additional information, see Step 2 in this article.) Please note that the general information and the stakeholders in your existing distribution lists can be updated at any time.

Use a list to add participants to a communication

Distribution lists may be used to quickly and easily document your communications with multiple stakeholders: 

1. From the main menu, select "Communications" under the "Engagements" tab and search for the communication; 

2. In the "Participants" section, click on the green + button to add members;

3. Press the "Actions" button and choose "Add to distribution list":




For additional information, please consult the following articles: 


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