Access related reports

The Analytics tool offers great opportunities for analysis and measurement. But sometimes, we understand that it can be tedious to navigate between the different tabs of your browser to get an overall picture of the situation.


With related reports, you can access the results of your favorite Analytics reports right from the records you're viewing. The results presented in the report will be filtered on the record being viewed. 


Here are some examples of how linked reports could help you:

  • From an Engagement plan, present statistics on percentage of completion of related tasks, a chart of the top subjects discussed and/or a calendar of upcoming planned communications.
  • From a Smart communication, present the open rate of your communication along with a list of the top recipients based on how many times they opened it.


To access a related report:

  1. Open the record that interests you in Boréalis (for example an individual) and select the Reports option in the left menu.


  1. Navigate through the tabs to view the various related reports.



Related reports can be added by you or your organization. To learn more about setting up linked reports, please see the article on how to add a linked report .

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