Grievance Management Process

Automate your Grievance Management Process with Borealis 

January 12, 2022


Any project that has social or environmental impacts is sure to elicit reactions... including some that are less favorable than others. For that reason, it’s important to have an effective procedure in place to proactively manage comments, complaints and grievances.


While the Borealis Stakeholder Engagement module can help you manage issues around certain subjects, there are times when a formal grievance mechanism is required by law. To demonstrate compliance, you need to show that grievances are processed in a prompt, effective and transparent manner.


Did you know that Borealis offers a Grievance Management module to help you resolve grievances before they escalate? It automates and standardizes your existing process, making it easier to meet reporting obligations instantly and effortlessly.


Check out this short video to see how the module works:

Here's a quick look at the module’s capabilities:

  • Assign responsible team members the profile of ‘Grievance Manager’
  • Standardize your escalation process
  • Manage response time
  • Set up notifications for those who manage each grievance
  • Use system reports to provide a real-time overview of grievances and feedback

And if you need to go even further, we offer an online portal where stakeholders can submit feedback and grievances – even anonymously – and receive responses from your team.


Tip of the month

When working with grievances, you can use notifications to set up a structured reminder process and ensure that agreed-upon deadlines are met. Several standard notifications are available in Borealis when you activate the Grievance module. You’ll just need to adjust the deadlines to fit your process!

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