Product Release - March 2022

It’s that time again when we're happy to share what our wonderful product team has been working on in the last few months.

In this update, we've reworked the most frequently visited pages in the application to make them even more intuitive. And to support our growing user base, we've also translated the interface into two new languages.


Get a sense of Individual and Organisation page - new look for the communications list

With the new interface came a welcome improvement to the Individual and Organisation page, that gives all the most important information on the first page so a quick glance at a record can give a good idea of who a stakeholder is and what has happened lately.

We pushed this idea a bit further with a new look to the latest communications section that can quickly show all the most important information at first glance. The title, date, type of communications, participants, details, and summary if one was entered are all available in a simple, legible format.

Borealis now available in Portuguese and Arabic

Borealis has clients all over the world, and we decided it was time to make it easier to use for millions of people! The interface is now available in Portuguese and Arabic.

If you want one of these languages activated for you or you are interested in the support of another language, please contact us and we will look at it with you.

Corporate view add-on - limit access to personal data with the new Stakeholder privacy option

The members of the corporate team need to be able to get information on how things are going for each of the business unit, and get real-time access to the information stored in Borealis to assess risk, monitor performance and confirm priorities. What they don't necessarily need is access to stakeholders' personal information. With the new confidentiality option, it is now easier than ever for corporate team members to access the reports they need and to navigate in Borealis while only seeing what they really need to see.

Other improvements

Stakeholder engagement improvements

  • Organisations - The "Initiatives" field is now available in the list page, advanced search and Excel import template
  • Individuals - Key messages and Description fields are now available in list view and advanced search.
  • Individuals - The role from the main position is now available in Analytics and the advanced search.
  • Email bcc - From the Processed emails log, it is now possible to reinitialize a communication to its original email. The Title, description, date/time and participants will be reset to the values of the original email.

Grievances module

  • The Target date in the assessment section can now be made optional through the "Fields configuration" section.
  • Grievances portal - It is now possible to choose which address levels appear on the grievance creation page of the portal.

Social investment module

  • Strategic Community Investments - New action that allows going back to status "Review in progress" from status "Delivery".

Land management module

  • It is now possible to link parcels to an Issue in the Issue creation page.

Land access module

  • New Excel template. It is now possible to import Trees into Impact inventories using an Excel spreadsheet.

Compliance management module

  • Conditions - It is now possible to enter a due date and a responsible person, for cases when you want to manage conditions not necessarily through the Inspection process.
  • Conditions - New field in the "Results by compliance area" section that shows the last inspection close out date.

Corporate view add-on

  • Two new profiles are now available on the Corporate view instance. Corporate - Configuration manager and Corporate - Administration manager.

API improvements

  • Communications - It is now possible to add the Subject category when creating discussion points.
  • Community contributions - The fields for requested amount and type of request are now available directly in the creation endpoint.
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