Product Release - June 2022

At Borealis, we are as much motivated by the evolution of the service we offer to users as we are by the software solutions and their associated functionalities. Here are the improvements made in different areas, both in the mobile application and in the platform.



Analytics - New and Improved Widget Page

The new Borealis interface, rolled out in the last months, brought its lot of improvements everywhere in the platform. The most recent place to improve is the widget page!

  • Full-page widget view when opening a widget;
  • When editing the widget you can: change the settings, view your changes in real time and you can compare them by viewing the original and modified widgets on a single screen.

You can now take full advantage of your big screen while playing around in widget creation with the new page layout. If you are on your laptop screen, the layout adjusts so that you can still be efficient in your work.

You can refer to our articles in the Help Center for more details on how to create and manage widgets.


Set up your user profiles exactly as you want them

It is now possible for superusers to set up custom user profiles that fit your team's needs.

By example, every lands team's member needs to be able to manage data in the Land management module and have a read-only access to data in the stakeholder engagement module, with the possibility to extract lists in Excel. To reflect this, you can create a new profile called "Lands team member" and define their access exactly like that. When a new member comes in, you can assign them this new profile.

Read our Help Center article for more details.


Import your participants from an online meeting / Webinar 

You just finished an online presentation and 40 stakeholders attended and you have their name and email address? You can now load them in Borealis using our new Excel import template for participants. Borealis will automatically match them to existing stakeholders or create them as new stakeholders.


Mobile app - use your phone coordinates and share to Borealis!

The mobile app is a great way to quickly enter your engagement notes in Borealis while on the go. It just got even better now with our new features:

Other improvements

Stakeholder engagement

  • In Individuals and Organizations - The Initiatives field is now available in the batch update action. When entering addresses, the search results will now automatically give results that take your location into account, giving you more relevant results more quickly;
  • Commitments: The target date can now be put as optional using the "Fields configuration" (available to superusers only). Useful if you have commitments for which there is no target date, like ongoing commitments.


  • Users with "SE - Administrator" or "Superuser" profile can now delete records in the "Recommendation history" section if they were created by mistake;
  • It is now possible to link a new communication to the grievance even if it is closed;
  • New field available to note if the grievance was raised before.

Social investment

  • New option available in the community contributions. It is now possible to completely remove the screening and review steps. Very useful if when the contributions are entered in Borealis, we already know if they have been approved or not;
  • You can set up an email notification for the strategic community investments section.

Land management

  • It is now possible to deactivate parcels in batch.
  • Land units - New fields available for activation in "Fields configuration" (for superusers only). Start date, end date and Land unit type can now be added.

Compliance Management

  • New action in inspection to enter the same result (Compliant or N/A) on multiple conditions in batch. Also possible to link the same evidence for all. This replaces the "Edit all" function that was available before.

Monitoring & Evaluation

  • You can link a sample with an issue to start an incident process.


  • Borealis now supports the SCIM protocol for user creation and granting of permissions.
  • Data dictionaries Excel import : It is now possible to import descriptions (that appear in tooltips) of values.
  • Email handling - In the Processed email logs, it is now possible to force the handling of an email to create a new communication, in the rare cases Borealis assumes the communication is already in the system when it is not.


  • It is now possible to create new locations using the REST API.
  • It is now possible to activate and deactivate staff members using API calls by changing the Status field directly.
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