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Here is a process that will simplify the management of participants in your events. The objective behind the import of a participant is to facilitate the integration of information following an online or face-to-face meeting. The importer allows you to create a stakeholder, even if it does not exist in Borealis.

Follow the steps below:


1. If the communication does not exist, start by creating it.

2. Open your communication in order to see the event you have created. Locate the "Reference number" of your event:



3.Go back to the "Main Menu" and under the "Data" section, choose "Import Excel file". In the drop-down menu, choose "Communications - Participants", in order to download the corresponding Excel template: 




Note: Every import data wizard has their own template.


4. For each participant of your event, fill the "Full name" and "Main email" columns, along with the "Ref. no." of the communication. If you use these columns, Borealis will automatically match the names and email addresses to existing staff members or stakeholders. If they are not present in the system, they will be created:


Note: If you are certain that a stakeholder or staff member already exist (for example, if it was created in a data import process), you can use the "Stakeholder" or "Staff member" columns. In this case, the system will not create a new stakeholder or staff member. You will receive an error if a match cannot be found.


5. Save you Excel file. Add it by drag in it to the box and "Confirm":



6. Once the import is completed, you will receive a confirmation message:



7. Watch your lists add up, both the one from the import and the participants you added manually beforehand (if applicable):



Note: The import may have created new stakeholders, which are duplicates (due to slight differences in names or email addresses). Remember to periodically manage your duplicates.


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