Create and Edit User

Adding a user

To add a user, click on the “Users” icon in the left side menu of Boréalis application, then click on the "Add" button and fill in the form.

When creating a new user account, it is possible to check the checkbox "Create as a staff member" to automatically create a record in the staff members register.


Assigning profiles to users

Assigning profiles to users provide them with access to the different modules of the system and allows them to perform specific actions (e.g data entry, manager, guest, etc.)

To assign profile(s) to a user, go to the user's record. In the General Information tab inside the Access grid, find the field named User profiles. Use the scroll down menu to select one or more profiles and press "Save".

Assigning projects to users

Once a project is created, rights to access data referring to this project can be provided to users.

To open the User’s list of a project, click on the “Configuration” icon on the left side menu and then, click on “Projects”.

Assigning projects to users provide them with access to specific data. This is what is called data segregation.

To assign a project to a user, identify the right user and click "View". Once in the user’s record, click on “Edit” at the end of the user file and chose one or more projects from the drop-down list.

For each existing projects, there are two groups: “Read-only” and “Full access”. Someone who has the “Read-only” option for a project can only read the information from that project, while someone with the full access option can create and edit information. Press the Save button on the form to finalize the work.

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