Edit Properties in Bulletin Widgets

Properties depend on your widget type. Bulletin widgets are designed to display large quantities of information with improved readability and professionally looking formatting.

They provide configurable properties to customize the type of information (Columns) displayed and the way the information is displayed (Field name display, Field name overwrite, Text format, and Color).

Filters can also be added to your widgets to present specific data.

Add Column(s)

The Properties section lets you define which columns are displayed in the bulletin widget. The sequence of the columns represents the order in which they will be displayed in the bulletin widget. You can drag and drop the columns to reorder the sequence.

To add columns, click the +Add column in the Properties section.

To delete a column, click the Delete column (-) sign on the right of the column drop-down list.

Add Calculated Values

You can add calculated value to group the information displayed into totals and display comprehensive information of aggregated values.

To add calculated values, click the +Add calculated value in the Properties section.

If you added a calculated value, the name of that calculated value is generated from the drop-down list selections for the Type and Column and also define what is calculated.

Calculated values are displayed at the top.

Add Sort Column(s)

You can sort how the data appears in the bulletin widget with sort columns.

To add sort columns, click the +Add sort column in the Properties section.

Select the column to sort by from the Sort column drop-down list and the sorting order from the  Sort order drop-down list.

Multiple sorting columns can be added and the sequence in which they are listed defines the priority of the sorting process.

Customize Displayed Information in the Widget

The Properties section provide several options that have been added to change how the information is displayed in the bulletin widget.

To modify how a column is displayed, click the More options.

Several options then become available to customize the bulletin widget display:

  • Field name display: Lets you control the positioning of the field name in the widget, or even hide it.
  • Field name overwrite: Lets you specify a different name for the field to display in the report.
  • Text format: Lets you change the formatting of the text.
  • Color: Lets you change the color of the text displayed for this field.


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