Create and Edit a Commitment

Registering a Commitment

You are able to add a new commitment from within a meeting record, informal consultation record or directly from the commitment register. As well as entering the essential details about the commitment in the general information tab, you can list each of the stakeholders to whom you are making the commitment.

The field "Made by" indicate the staff member who made the commitment to the stakeholders. The field "Team member" indicate the person responsible of fulfilling the commitment taken by your company. The "Accountable person" field indicate the person in charge and accountable of the commitment with the stakeholders. 

Updating the Assessment Details

An initial assessment classifies the commitment, and determines who is going to manage it until it is honoured. When the initial assessment is complete, enter the details in the assessment tab.

Closing the Commitment

After the commitment is resolved and there are no outstanding actions, you can close the commitment. To do this use the close option on the workflow tab, choose a completion date and completion type and stakeholder satisfaction. Fill out the other closeout fields (shown in the close-out tab).

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