Getting Started Glossary

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This section explains any terms, acronyms or abbreviations that you need to master to start using Borealis.

  • application menu: a menu on the left of some screens, which provides access to each of major features of Borealis;
  • browser (web browser): a software application used to locate, retrieve and display content on the world wide web and Boréalis, including web pages, images and videos;
  • Borealis application: ‘Borealis Information Management System’ is a web-based software Borealis is a single platform for managing all stakeholder engagement activities with additional modules to strengthen all areas of environment, social and governance;
  • component: a grouping of related registers and reports within module.
  • Example:"Governance" and "Investment Portfolio" are components within the "Social Investment" module;
  • drop-down list: a list allowing for a single selection from an associated list;
  • expand control: an icon shown on a map or on a table or which increase its size in order to show more information on the screen;
  • field: part of a record.
    • Example: "target date" is a field in a task record;
  • home page: the main page of Borealis: similar to a table of contents, it provides access to all of the major features and modules available in Borealis;
  • hyperlink: a link from one Boréalis screen or record to another screen or record or to an external intranet or web page;
  • layer control: an icon on a map that determines if a certain category of information is shown on a map;
  • module: a primary feature of Borealis.
    • Example: "Stakeholder Engagement" and "Compliance Management" are modules;
  • multiple-select list: when editable, the field allows one or more selections from a list of options;
  • navigate: to move from one place to another within Boréalis using menus or hyperlinks;
  • page (web page): a fixed amount of data about one thing: e.g.: a single record in a register: or a list of search results: each page is identified by a different URL;
  • page control: icons, usually at the bottom of a list or table which changes the current page in that list or table;
  • quick link: is a hyperlink to a page or record that you use often: a quick link appears in the quick links menu;
  • quick link menu: located under the application menu, contains a list of quick links created by the current user;
  • record: a collection of related information about a single thing in a register. Example: a specific task in the tasks register, or a single individual in the individual register;
  • register: a list of items sharing a common subject or topic stored in the system.
    • Example: the list of individuals is the individual register or the list of grievances is the grievance register;
  • session: the period of time a user is logged into Borealis;
  • system administrator: an individual responsible for maintaining a computer system such as Borealis: duties include setting up user accounts and adding to items to some drop-down lists;
  • tag list: is a list of keywords (or sentences) that categorise information and often link to or filter information.
    • Example: in Borealis the calendar feature uses tags to filter the visible registers;
  • URL (uniform resource locator): it is the unique address for an Internet page and pages in Borealis: a URL can be entered into an address bar of a browser;
  • zoom control: an icon on a map or picture, which increases or reduces the size of the image.
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