Configuration of Projects

Data Segregation

Data segregation restricts view of data to certain users. In Boréalis this is managed via the "Projects" list.

It is also possible to segregate data at a site level. This is available with the Corporate View Add-on.

Managing Projects

As mentioned above, project list is use to manage data segregation and restrict view of data to certain users. 

1- Navigation

To open the Projects list, click on "Configuration" and then "Projects"

2 - Add projects

To create a new project click the "Add" button. Fill out the form and press "Save and View".

The Project form has 1 mandatory field - Project name, which will be displayed in the project's dropdown list.  The other fields are not mandatory but is strongly recommended to fill.

Once a project is created, users can be provided the rights to read and/or write records referring to this project. To do so, refer to the following article Profiles and Projects

3- Delete a project

To delete a project, simply select "Action > Delete".

Note: Deleting a project is permitted only if no records refers to it. For instance, you will not be able to delete a project if an individual is linked to it.

Data Dictionaries

This form lets you manage the list items to which you have access. Other items are displayed but cannot be changed.
Some items cannot be updated as they are used by the application within business rules. These items are marked as "Read only". You have access to edit those marked as "Normal" only.

Once in a list form, you can add, edit or remove a value.

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