Application Release – October 12, 2016


  1. Edit several records at the same time
  2. Don’t need them? Remove them! Choose the fields you want to see
  3. New calendar widget
  4. Copy meeting invites to create Communications
  5. Search tool: new live search
  6. Add photos to individuals and organizations directly in the creation form
  7. Other improvements



We are thrilled to introduce PRO features (PRO pack), a set of advanced features that we develop for clients who need to get more out of their data, want to increase the level of productivity of their team and get a more in-depth analysis of trends. You'll be able to identify these features as they are marked by the PRO seal. Future releases will therefore include improvements to both regular and PRO features. Please note that while regular features are available to all users, PRO features are available only to users with the PRO pack. If you’d like to learn more about PRO features, please contact your Account Director.



1Edit several records at the same time

Earlier this year, we introduced Actions by batch, allowing users to select multiple records at a time and make actions by batch (like for instance link several stakeholders to a communication). This feature received a warm welcome and we’ve decided to further develop its potential. It is thus now possible to edit some values (like Title, Relationship manager, Location, Language, Project, etc.) directly in your lists. Simply click on Select multiple in the top right corner, then select the records you want to update, click the Batch update button and select the information that needs to be updated.


2. Don’t need them? Remove them! Choose the fields you want to see

We’ve been doing this behind the scenes for some clients for a while, but we thought everybody would like to have to ability to hide fields that are irrelevant to their needs in the Stakeholder Engagement module. So here it is! You’ll notice a new gear icon at the right top corner of your records. When you click on it, you’ll access a Fields Configuration menu, where you’ll be able to uncheck fields you don’t want to see in your interface. Please note that you can’t hide required fields. You can access Fields Configuration in the different tabs of a record. If there’s no gear icon, click on the … in the top right corner of lists to access it. 

There are 2 levels of configuration for this new feature:

  • Superusers can maximize the entire module’s interface by choosing available fields, which will be available to all users (using the For everyone tab)
  • Regular users can maximize their own interface by choosing the visible fields, without any impact on other users (using the For me tab)


3. New calendar widget

We’re happy to introduce a new widget to your Analytics: Calendars. Build a calendar to track anything you want, like for example: tasks of team members, upcoming meetings, due dates for payments or grievances, etc., and add it to your dashboards. You’ll find the widget in the Analytics section of the system. Once you have created your calendar(s), if you want to export them to your regular calendar tool, you can simply use the Export iCal option. Your calendars will automatically synchronize once they’ve been exported.


4. Copy meeting requests to create Communications

For quite a while now, you’ve been able to copy the application (CC or BCC) when sending an email to create a Communication that is linked to the participating stakeholders. Well, you can now do the same using the calendar tool of your mailbox: create the meeting request, add attendees (including the email BCC as an attendee) and send the invitation. The system will automatically generate a Communication using the title, dates, participants and detail of your invite. Should you need to cancel or change the time of the meeting, the Communication will be updated accordingly (as long as the email BCC is in your list of attendees).


5. Search tool: new live search

We just gave our search tool a revamp. Most users of our application are also users of search engines. In an effort to continuously improve navigation experience, we’re introducing live search to your Boréalis application. What is live search? It’s a list of records (5 most relevant) that appears right under the search bar as you type in your search criteria. You don’t see the record you’re looking for in the suggested list? Press Enter and you’ll access the exhaustive list of records that match your search.


6. Add photos to individuals and organizations directly in the creation form

It is now possible to add photos directly in the creation form for both Individuals and Organizations. This means you don’t have to save and view a record to add a photo. This comes in handy for some situations, like for example if you’re creating an Individual for which the Organization’s record hasn’t been created yet. You’ll be able to create the Organization and add the photo without having to navigate away from the form you’re creating. To add a photo, simply drag and drop it on the image placeholder, use Copy-Paste (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V), or click on the placeholder to access your documents.

7. Other improvements

New Actions by batch for Organizations: Link to communication and to campaign, or add to distribution list

While viewing a list of Organizations, it is now possible to select multiple records at a time and make actions by batch. You will find the Select multiple option at the top right corner of the list. When you click it, checkboxes will appear next to each record (with a Select all option at the top). Also at the top of the list you'll find the different actions available.


Tasks – Add Communications directly from tasks

It is now possible to create/add existing Communications directly in your Tasks: all you have to do is access the follow-up tab, click on the + and then either select an existing Communication, or to click Add to create a new one. The system will automatically link Stakeholders and team members, Location, and other properties of the Task. Once you've filled the form according to your needs, simply click Save and there you go! Your Communication has been saved to the system.

Environmental Monitoring – Email notifications are now set up when Alerts are generated

So far, Email notifications were only available in the Stakeholder Engagement and Compliance Management modules. You can now also set up Email notifications for Alerts: in the Application settings, access the Notifications list, click Add, and choose the Environmental Monitoring - Alerts Form.

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