Link Your Borealis Calendar Widget With Your Outlook Calendar

You can link a calendar widget created in Borealis with your Outlook calendar to simplify your planning sessions and track your Borealis assigned tasks directly in your Outlook calendar.

After the Calendar widget has been linked, the data between the widget and your Outlook calendar will be synchronized and your new Outlook calendar will be kept up-to-date.

Link a Borealis Calendar Widget with your Outlook Calendar

  1. If the calendar widget does not already exist, Create a calendar widget and set the properties.
  2. Navigate to the Widget section of Analytics.
  3. Select and open the calendar widget you want to link.
  4. From the Actions menu, select Export as iCal.
  5. Click the Copy to clipboard button to copy the private calendar URL from Borealis.
  6. Open your Outlook.
  7. Navigate to Calendar.
  8. Click on Add Calendar on the ribbon and select From Internet...
    You may need to change your Ribbon Layout to Classic Ribbon in the Ribbon drop down menu.
    Link your Borealis calendar to your Outlook, Google or Ical account #3.1.png
  9. Paste the private URL previously copied from Borealis.
  10. Click the Ok button to start the linking process.
  11. Click the Yes button to confirm adding the calendar to Outlook.
    Link your Borealis calendar to your Outlook, Google or Ical account #4.png

Your Borealis calendar widget will now have been linked with your Outlook and will now be synced to your new calendar automatically.

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