Introduction to AI Insights

This feature is currently in Beta as we are working to improve and integrate new tools to it.
AI generated insights aim to automatically bring to you the most relevant information based on the communications you entered in Borealis. This feature allows you to quickly have a look at what has been happening recently and easily take action to shape your stakeholder engagement strategy.

Insights Features

  • You can view a list of insights generated from communications with Stakeholders.
  • An intuitive interface that enables you to convert an insight into an actionable item by creating a new task or by linking an existing task to that insight. This helps reduce time spent on manual adjustments and increases your productivity.
  • You can hide insights for which you have taken actions or which are of no interest to you.
  • You can also flag certain insights as Not relevant to hide them for both yourself and your team.
  • Some insights provide you with an analysis of the "Tone" of communications to highlight important information and streamline decision making
  • We maintain strong commitments towards AI technology and data privacy, security, and integrity

Examples of Use Cases

  • You need to get in touch with a stakeholder with whom you have not had any contact before or with whom you have not been in touch with for months. You can then consult insights to quickly be brought up-to-date with the latest communication, the general tone of those communications and the important information communicated within those communications.
  • Several communications have been entered into the system in relation to a stakeholder you need to get in touch with, and you need to get a "pulse" on the relationship between your organization and this stakeholder. You can review the insights and assess the situation before reaching out to them.


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