View Contribution Requests Filed Through the Online Contribution Request Interface

The Online Contribution Request Interface is a great tool for initiating stakeholder engagement with social investment requesters. In addition to being a versatile and a user-friendly tool for your stakeholders to use, it is also a tool that automatically integrates with Borealis by importing data in the application directly. This streamline the data analysis process by making it immediately available in Borealis.

The information entered in the contribution request is located in the Online request page

There are several ways to monitor contribution requests filed through the online portal and this article covers the following:

View Contribution Requests in the Borealis Application

As requesters log contribution requests through the online portal, the information is automatically imported to Borealis. You can setup your notifications to inform you whenever a new request is imported to Borealis and you can view those requests directly in the application.

  1. Navigate to Community contribution in Social investment.
  2. In the Quick filter bar, select Online portal.
  3. In Detailed view, you can view the most recent contribution requests by clicking the Reception date column header and sort by Descending.

The most recent contribution requests will then be displayed first in the list page.

Create a Widget to Analyze the Answers from the Online Portal 

When creating a widget to track answers, the questions and answer fields are in the Online request section.

  1. Click the + Create button.
  2. In the Type drop-down list, select the widget type to use.
    • You could start with a Table type to align your columns and filters then convert the table to the desired widget type.
    • You could use a Bulletin type to create a visually appealing widget that can be printed and read easily.
    • You could use a Chart type, likely Bar, to compare key answers from several requests.
  3. In the Form drop-down list, select Social investment - Investment portfolio - Community Contributions.
  4. You can then add additional columns to display specific information of interest to you, depending on the goal of your widget.
  5. You can also add filters to narrow down the information to key elements you want to display.


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