Create and Edit Subject Categories

Access required: Administrative Access or Superuser


A subject category is a topic of interest for the stakeholders and/or for your organisation. It aims to qualify the content it is related to, not assess it. Therefore, best practices recommend to use a neutral connotation for your subject categories.

Subject category hierarchy

Subject categories can be managed using a parent/child hierarchy. For example:

  • Environment (parent)
    • Water (child)
    • Air (child)
  • Economy (parent)
    • Employment (child)
    • Local development (child)
    • Business development (child)
  • Infrastructure (parent)
    • Roads (child)
    • Pipeline (child)
  • Construction (without hierarchy)

Communications, discussion points, issues, commitments, grievances and engagement plans can be linked to one or more subject categories to properly classify and indicate what topics are being discussed.

Subject Categories are key to reporting on and analyzing interactions with stakeholders.

Create and edit subject categories

To create and edit Subject Categories:

  1. Click on the  “Configuration” icon
  2. Then click on “Subject categories”
  3. Multiple actions are available:
    1. Add by doing click on “Add”
    2. Merge: Hovering your mouse over a record will show the “Merge” button
    3. Edit: To edit a subject category, click on the desired Subject Category to open it and access the edition mode


Tip: to create a parent subject category, simply keep the "parent category" field empty.

Note that tooltips can be added to your subject categories to ease selection by users and that subject categories are one of the field available in Borealis Outlook Add-in.

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