Create a New Communication with the Mail Handler Feature

Important note :

  • Borealis recommends to use the Outlook Add-in to facilitate the transfer of e-mails and meetings from messaging systems to Borealis. To get to know how to install the Outlook Add-in, please refer to our article here.
  • The below article is only intended to users who do not have the possibility to use the Outlook Add-in feature.


Thanks to the Mail Handler Feature, you have the ability to create an e-mail from you usual mail box and have it automatically processed within Borealis. You just need to add in BCC the relevant BCC addresses.

Here's an example: 


Note: If you use email addresses of Engagement plans, projects, categories or atmosphere, you won't need to put the general email address.


Automatically categorize your communications with BCC Alias

Import Email Alias to your contact list

In order to improve this feature’s efficiency, it is now possible to categorize your communications without having to log into the application for:

  • Engagement plans
  • Projects
  • Sentiment
  • Subject categories

You'll find the list of all the elements you can add to your email in Configuration --> Email aliases --> Export vCard/Export Excel.


Using this feature takes 2 clicks: either download contact information (Export vCard, Export Excel) or copy the email to your clipboard, and then add it to the Bcc of your email. Should you download contact information or just copy-paste the email? If it's for an Engagement Plan that you'll be updating frequently, you should export the vCard to add it to your contacts. If it's a one-time deal, just copy-paste the email to the Bcc.

To access contact information, simply click on the Share icon and select Copy email alias.



Use the email addresses

Once the contact information has been added to your contact list (or if you copied the emails, once they've been pasted), you’ll be able to further categorize your email communications directly from your mailbox, without having to log into Boréalis. In the example below, the communication and stakeholders will automatically be linked to the engagement plan "Advertising campaign - 2017".


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