Follow Up on Communications

It is possible to follow up on grievances, issues, commitments or tasks regarding any specific communication.

When a communication is selected the left hand side menu allows you to see grievances, issues, and commitments under the Related Engagements tab.


In each section, you can either:

  • Add a new entry, by clicking the + button 
  • Link an existing entry, by clicking the + button next to the section title and then choose an existing entry in the selection box
  • View and manage an entry; by clicking on it
  • Unlink an entry by hovering your mouse over a record and clicking on “remove”


Tasks can either be added to a meeting or specifically to one of the discussion points of the communication. More information in the following article Create a Task.

To add a task to a discussion point, check the « Requires a follow up » checkbox when adding a discussion point.

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