Generate Observations

As mentioned in Execute an Inspection, an observation is generated when an inspection is closed. It can be visible from the inspection, or from the corresponding register. At this time, she is in the «Open» status.

An observation can also be generated ad-hoc from the corresponding register. It will be linked to a condition and a compliance zone, but not to an inspection. This can be used in the event that an event occurs in connection with a particular condition and needs to be noted.

The creation of observation is for the purpose of becoming compliant or improving its level of compliance with a condition. Thus, by noting what is nonconforming or improving, one can easily determine the corrective actions to be applied. An observation can have several corrective actions.

Make sure corrective actions have been done before changing the status of the observation to «Closed»  (process button). Closing an observation will automatically change the status of all corrective actions to the "Completed" status. Observation and related corrective actions are no longer editable at this time. You can still reopen an observation if necessary.

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