Position: Change Organisation

Stakeholder positions can easily be moved to another organisation. When using this function all previous communications attached to this position will be moved to the other organisation. This function is only to be used when a position is being moved to another organization, not when the individual stakeholder is changing organisations.

This is a helpful function when businesses or governments reorganise their structure and positions are moved from one organisation to another.


A) Officer Environment Eastern Region in the organisation Ministry of Environment
is now Officer of Environment Eastern Region in the Organisation Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.

B) A Business Analyst that is a member in the organisation “Boréalis Helpdesk” has changed organisations. They will now be a member of the organisation “Comité consultatif Boréalis”.


Using the second example we will review the steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the Individual with the position that needs their position moved and go to the Positions page.

Step 2: On the line of the position that is wrong, select Change organisation. You may need to click on the ellipsis button <> to find the action.

Step 3: A new window will pop-up, in this window using the drop-down menu to select or create the Organisation where the position will be moved.


Step 4: Click on the <Save> button.


Note the Details message: If you continue, all existing data related to the organisation "Borealis Helpdesk" through this/these position(s) will now be linked to the organisation "Comité consultatif Boréalis". Perform this action only if the current organisation is not the right one. If an individual just moved from the organisation "Borealis Helpdesk" to "Comité consultatif Boréalis", you can deactivate the position by entering an end date and create a new one.


Using the Change Organisation feature will move all historical interactions that were linked with Kristen Dunn’s Business Analyst position in “Borealis Helpdesk” to the organisation “Comité consultatif Boréalis” Before using the Change Organisation function, review that this is indeed correct.





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