Access Borealis System Reports

The Borealis Analytics feature is a powerful tool to build and customize multiple reporting options to view and share data in an efficient way. By managing filters and adding calculated values, the widgets that make up your reports can provide a global or detailed view of your data, in line with your business needs.

As a starting point and to provide guidance to assist you in building reports, Borealis provides you with a toolbox of several reports called "system" reports. These reports are included in Borealis by default and provide standardized reports that may be useful in your daily work and in data quality management while providing a starting point to create customized reports.

Identify the System Reports

  1. Navigate the the Reports section of the Analytics feature.
  2. Click on the heading of the Access column.
  3. From the Filter drop-down list, select System.
  4. Click the Apply button.

The list that is now displayed offers several reports you can use as a starting point for your report creation. To customize Borealis System Reports; duplicate them, then edit them based on your needs and the data you want to present.

It is important to keep in mind that system reports evolve over time according to new features developed by Borealis.

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