Introduction to the Grievance Online Portal

Expanding channels of direct interaction with stakeholders will always have a positive effect on the relationship with them. It is in this context that Borealis grievances portal was developed.

A new interface has become available for the creation, monitoring and feedback of grievances filed by stakeholders. The portal allows active dual-track communication for more efficient treatment of grievances.

With the online portal, not only are the channels of communication expanded, but at the same time the case processing within the organization is optimized. All grievances entered through the Portal are automatically saved to Borealis system as well, where data can be analyzed and linked to other related information.

The portal was not only developed to record grievances, but also to adequately guide stakeholders in creating new grievances, tracking, and giving feedback until the cases are resolved.

Directly from the home page, stakeholders have the option to submit a new grievance (with a password for future tracking) or to follow up on an existing one, previously registered on the portal. 

Moreover, email notifications are put in place to assist you in real time on new grievances or a follow-ups.

Last but not least, the custom-built options provide a completely adapted experience to the stakeholders considering each of their own context and language.  

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