Submit a Grievance from the Portal

When submitting a grievance, stakeholders are guided through the form with dynamic, pre-configured menus that optimize data validation.

The description field has a character limit of 10,000 characters, allowing the user to explain their issue in detail, and up to 100 MB of files may be attached.

Note: Both these values can be configured to your specifications.



Stakeholders can choose to provide their contact information when submitting a grievance, or they may opt to remain anonymous. 

If a stakeholder wants to receive notifications about the progress of their case, a valid email address is required even if the grievance is submitted anonymously. 

To ensure anonymity, this email address is masked and will not be visible to the organization on the other side of the portal.   



Before a grievance can be submitted, stakeholders must accept the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy.

After submitting a grievance, the stakeholder will receive a confirmation message that includes a case number. 




At the same time, an email notification is sent to the stakeholder to confirm that the application has been received.

At this point, the stakeholder will also have the option of creating a password so that they can track the progress of their file.



Create a password

It is important to create a password in order to access the file and interact with staff members.

A confirmation message will be displayed immediately, providing the folder number and instructions for accessing the folder.



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