Edit Properties in Calendar Widgets

Properties depend on your widget type. Use Calendar Widgets to raise awareness on deadlines and deliverables is one of the multiple possibilities behind a Calendar Widget. For example, keep track of upcoming communications, know when your next tasks are due and plan team meetings.

The Properties tab in a calendar widget allows you to view and modify information based on the data set defined in the first step. The information can be inputted using the following criteria:

From and To

“From” and “To” are used to determine the time of each event on your calendar. For example, as Communications can have many date stamps, those fields allow you to determine which dates are important for you to report on.


The title will define the label of the events on your calendar


Add the relevant fields you want to be able to consult when clicking on a specific item in the calendar


Select how you want to categorize the information presented on your calendar. The category field allows you to present your data with colors for the different options of the category you selected.

Grouping type

You can make custom groups of data, according to predetermined values. This is similar to filters, as data is filtered according to grouping type. If your category is a date, Borealis offers reconfigured date grouping options (weekly, monthly, etc.).

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