Send a Communication to Borealis (Outlook on Mobile)

The Borealis add-in for Outlook on the mobile helps you forward individual emails to Borealis to create communications and facilitate their categorization.

Forward a Communication to Borealis

  1. Open the email you want to create a communication with.
    Note that Outlook for mobile does not allow add-ins when creating new email. To push an email you wrote to Borealis through the add-in; open the email from your Sent box after sending the email.
  2. Press the ellipsis (kebab) menu.
  3. Scroll to the add-in section and select the Borealis add-in.
  4. Select the correct categorization information and specify any other information needed.
  5. Press Send to Borealis.

You can use the + Add fields to add other fields to the form such as Location, Stakeholders mentioned, or use the Link to to link the communication to a specific element.

After sending the communication to Borealis, a confirmation message will notify you that the communication was successfully sent with a clickable link to view the communication in Borealis.


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