Send a Communication to Borealis (Outlook on Mobile)

The Borealis add-in for Outlook on the mobile helps you forward individual emails to Borealis to create communications and facilitate their categorization directly from your phone.

Note that you cannot send attachments to Borealis through your mobile add-in. If you use the add-in to forward a communication with an attachment to Borealis; the communication will be created in Borealis, but the attachment will not be included.

If you want to transfer the communication with the attachment, you need to either:

  • Use Outlook on Desktop
  • Use Outlook on the web 
  • or you can send the communication to Borealis with the add-in then upload the attachment manually to the created communication in Borealis.

Forward a Communication to Borealis

  1. Open the email you want to create a communication with.
    Note that Outlook for mobile does not allow add-ins when creating new email. To push an email you wrote to Borealis through the add-in; open the email from your Sent box after sending the email.
  2. Press the ellipsis (kebab) menu.
  3. Scroll to the add-in section and select the Borealis add-in.
  4. Select the correct categorization information and specify any other information needed.
  5. Press Send to Borealis.

You can use the + Add fields to add other fields to the form such as Location, Stakeholders mentioned, or use the Link to to link the communication to a specific element.

After sending the communication to Borealis, a confirmation message will notify you that the communication was successfully sent with a clickable link to view the communication in Borealis.


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