Do custom grouping for charts

When working on a "Chart" widget, it is often useful to be able to group certain values, to make the widget more relevant. 

Thanks to the "Grouping types", you can select which data will be displayed and what layout they will have. 

Examples of "Grouping Types" usage: 

  • Limit the display of data to the current year;
  • Limit the display of data to those related to your team;
  • Report data for individuals in the area only.

You can customize an existing private report, duplicating it for yourself. You can create a new widget where you can apply your own "Grouping Types". Follow the steps below:

1. Go to the "Widget" that concerns the action of applying groupings and click on "View". In the upper right corner, select "Edit":




2. In the "Properties" section, go to the "Grouping Type" tab to modify it:



3. When you change the "Grouping Type", a new option will appear under the "Category" section. Click on the new "Add" button to create filters in the report:


Adding new filters or settings will change the dynamics of the report and allow you to see in real time the changes made. Finalize the change, by saving the widget.

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