Configure Borealis to manage media relations

Media relations management in Borealis requires the creation of data dictionaries, categories of topics, and types of issues specific to this activity.

You will save time if you do this setup before entering media-specific data. This configuration should be done at the level of data dictionaries, subject categories and types of issues.


Data dictionary

Here are the main types of engagement plans and communications to be created beforehand:

Data dictionary name

Values to add

Type of engagement plan

- Press review

- Media tracking

- Press release

- Media request sent

- Media request received

Type of communication

- Press review

- Media demand


Subject categories

A subject category is a topic of interest for the stakeholders and/or for your organization. It aims to qualify the content it is related to, not assess it. Therefore, best practices recommend using a neutral connotation for your subject categories.

Examples of subject categories:

  • Technical briefing
  • External exchanges around the publication of a press release
  • Questions received
  • Media requests received related to a press release

For more information on subject categories, you can refer to the article Create and edit topic categories.

Note: Subject categories are used to identify the article’s topics at the micro level, as opposed to the issues that link articles to the major issues of the project or of your organization.



An Issue is a real, perceived, or potential stakeholder concern – identified by one or more stakeholders or the company – which presents a reputational risk or a direct risk to the company’s operations.

Example of issue types:

  • Issue
  • Query
  • Incident
  • Problem
  • Investigation

For more information on issues, you can refer to our article Create and edit issues.

Note: In communications, issues are used to describe at the macro level the major trends and the evolution of "noise" around the major known issues, unlike subject categories, which are used to identify the content of a communication at the micro level.


Once your data dictionaries, subject categories, and issue types are created, you'll be ready to operationalize the management of your media relations in Borealis.


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