Product Release - March 2021

Integration and efficiency

Our 2021 Q1 Product Release brings improvements meant to increase your efficiency and accuracy when working with Borealis system. On one hand, we have worked to provide greater flexibility for the popular Outlook Add-In, and on the other hand to provide you with a couple of useful fields, automatically calculated, during the verification of stakeholders or the delegates set-up.



Outlook Add-In – more integration and efficiency

Since you consider the Outlook Add-In as a major tool to increase your efficiency when engaging with your stakeholders, we have made new improvements to it. It is now possible to perform the following actions directly from the Outlook interface using our Outlook Add-in:

  • New fields are now available when sending your communication to Borealis:
    • Location
    • Summary
    • Initiative (if activated)
  • Link your email to a task, company asset, community contribution, or strategic community investment.
  • As before, you can also link it to an existing issue, grievance, commitment, or an existing communication.
  • Quickly access the details of a communication already recorded in Boréalis;
  • When composing a new email, find your stakeholders in Borealis and add them as recipients;

The original email will also be saved in Borealis. You will be able to produce reports with Borealis Analytics about communications created using the Outlook Add-in.


Improvements to stakeholders’ verification options

Planning periodic verifications of stakeholders can be part of a solid process to ensure you have up-to-date information about your important stakeholders. This will lead you towards more efficiency in your engagement strategies. Therefore, we have updated the available tools for you to be able to manage this process.

  • A dedicated section to the Verification of stakeholders is now available in the stakeholders’ records, under the General Information tab.
  • A new shortcut to perform the verification is also available in this dedicated section.
  • Enter a Verification frequency to automatically calculate the next verification due date. You can also configure notification emails to be sent out as reminders of upcoming verifications.
  • The last verification date and by whom it was done are now available directly in this section.
  • All fields necessary for the stakeholders’ verification are, of course, available as filters in Analytics widgets.

Delegates configuration

Whether you work with another colleague in a back-to-back arrangement or you just want to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks during your time off, Borealis has you covered.

The new Delegation feature allows you to select other users who will be copied on any email notification you receive. Your delegate will even see your assignments when using the "Assigned to me" filters in the system.

  • Select your back-to-back so that, no matter who is assigned in Borealis, you both get the information needed to get the job done.
  • Choose a temporary delegate for the duration of your vacation, or any other time off. They will get your notifications and see your assignments while you are away.


Other improvements


  • In Borealis Analytics, it is now possible to display the number of business days elapsed between the reception and the acknowledgement of a grievance.

 Engagement plans

  • It is now possible to reopen an activity that is completed. Consequently, all tasks that were cancelled will be reopened.
  • When closing the occurrence of a recurring task within activities, it is now possible to leave the previous task open and complete it later.

Social investment

  • When creating a new community contribution, the location is automatically filled in with the stakeholder's location.
  • Calculate your return on investment by entering an expected return for each contribution. Available for strategic community investments and community contributions.

Land management

  • The related titleholders are now visible when clicking on a parcel on the map.

Land access

  • New entry options for structures, with more flexibility in compensation rules.
  • New entry options for crops.
  • It is now possible to link new documents or to update the description of existing ones in the Compensation files section even if the rest of the compensation file is in read-only mode (for example, because it was already approved).
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