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3 Ways to Use Discussion Points in Borealis

Discussion points are a simple and practical tool that can be used to meet a variety of needs. You can find them in the “Interactions” tab under “Communications.” Here’s a look at a few different ways discussion points can come in handy, from ensuring compliance to improving your understanding of individual stakeholders.




Document Questions and Concerns from the Community

In the early stages of a project – during public hearings, for example – you can use discussion points to document each question raised by stakeholders (along with the responses provided) as individual items. This makes it possible to create comprehensive reports showing how each question or concern was addressed in order to demonstrate compliance with project regulations.


Secure Community Acceptance for your Utility Project

Discussion points are a useful tool for Utilities, who need to engage with communities and document their interactions to secure project approval. In this case, discussion points can be used to help a community relations team create a record of questions, responses, and actions that were taken. Discussion points make it easy to keep track of any issues or concerns raised by stakeholders, and to quickly create a task if a follow up is required.


Improve Your Understanding of Stakeholder Sentiment

Another way to use discussion points is to note details of your interactions in your stakeholder’s profiles. How well do they understand your project? How do they feel about its environmental impact? What level of confidence do they have in your company? You can document these answers with discussion points to provide an even more complete picture of a stakeholder.


Ready to get started? Here’s how you can create discussion points in Borealis.


Tips and tricks

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