Batch Actions

Batch actions - When and how to use them to make your work more efficient

Date: November 17, 2020


Ever need to perform the same action for a large number of stakeholders? Chances are batch processing will make your life easier.


Here are just 3 examples of how you can use batch processing in Borealis – whether in a list or a in a Widget – to edit, update or add information to multiple stakeholders in one quick go.




Changing the relationship manager

Situation: Mr. Ackerman is leaving the organization and all the stakeholders he works with must be reassigned to a new team member.

Solution: Filter the list in the Individuals registry to see only Mr. Ackerman’s stakeholders. Select all and use the “Batch update” button to change the Relationship Manager in one step.




Filling in an empty field

Situation: You’re preparing a smart communication to send out to English-speaking stakeholders. While creating your list, you realize that the “Language of communication” field is empty for many of these individuals.

Solution: Filter the list to see only individuals whose “Language of communication” field is empty. Select all and click “Batch update” to simultaneously assign the same language to all these stakeholders.


Reacting to an issue quickly

Situation: Your monthly performance report indicates that several organizations in a specific location have moved to a " High Risk" position. You want to make sure these organizations are contacted to better understand what’s going on.

Solution: Click on the portion of the diagram containing these organizations to view them in a list. Select these organizations and click on the ellipsis menu to select the appropriate activity (for example: Communicate with the organization to mitigate risk).



See other handy things you can do with lists with this article.



Tips and tricks

Keep important information close at hand. Use the star to bookmark a Widget, engagement plan, or the next smart communication you need to send out.




Batch processing offers almost endless possibilities and can be performed in all sorts of lists in Borealis. Got a situation where you think the “Batch update” function could be used to perform a task quickly, but not sure where to start? Contact our helpdesk or even our support team at

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