Borealis Outlook Add-In

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Social distancing is affecting us all – our family life, our work environment and, for some of us, the nature of our work itself.

We may not be able to help with everything, but we can at least make sure you’re getting the most from your stakeholder engagement software. So we’ll be staying more in touch with a regular newsletter that will offer strategies for focusing on the work that matters most.


Many of our customers are changing the way they engage with stakeholders and using new tools like the Borealis Outlook Add-in.

With the new version of Borealis released in March, you can add your calendar events to Borealis and automatically create stakeholders and communications – all directly from Outlook.

You will save even more time by not having to go back and forth between Borealis and Outlook to copy the alias of your engagement plan and paste it in the BCC field.

Get started with the Borealis Outlook Add-in

Need help? Call us now and we will assist you with the setup of the Borealis Outlook Add-in, so that you can put this handy tool to full use.

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