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Have you ever needed to restrict access to sensitive data in Borealis? Does your organization operate multiple sites that need to structure their data differently without compromising reports to the head office? Let’s look at two Borealis add-ons that can help you structure and segregate your data in different ways.


Why is it important to segregate data?

The main reason to segregate data is to ensure security and confidentiality. It can also be convenient for users, since they won’t need to sort through tons of unnecessary data to find what they need. In some cases, data segregation is mandatory to comply with privacy laws like GDPR, but even when it’s not, restricting access to sensitive stakeholder information to those who need it is always a good practice.


Team Data Segregation (TDS)

The Team Data Segregation Add-on allows you to segregate information for projects, teams, or sites to keep sensitive data confidential (e.g., service agreements, corporate contracts, private communications). It’s also helpful when you want to set up a project hierarchy for projects and sub-projects, or need to restrict access to certain fields (like telephone number or email address).



In this example, users with default access will have access to all Acme Corp data. Users with access to the Community Relations project or the Government Relations project will only see the data in their own bubble; they will not see the data specific to the other project.



  • Create team-specific projects while sharing information at the default level.
  • Segregate data by project, team, or site and assign access (including read-only access) as needed.
  • Choose which users can access which information to ensure that sensitive data remains confidential.
  • You can opt to share stakeholders between all projects while segregating all other elements.
  • Restrict access to certain documents to specific users.


If site data needs to be structured in different ways, how can we streamline corporate reporting?

There’s a good chance that your individual sites will need to structure their data in different ways, especially if they’re located in different parts of the world. They may be subject to different regulations, cultural norms, and business practices, and operations may vary enough between sites that what works in one place doesn’t really apply elsewhere. So what can you do when you need to consolidate data from different sites in one cohesive report, but all of your sources are configured differently in Borealis? That’s where the Corporate View Add-on comes in.


Corporate View

The Corporate View Add-on helps you standardize processes across locations and simplify corporate reporting.


In this example, the system can be configured independently for each site, while data management is standardized across the organization. Data between sites is not shared, although users can have access to multiple sites. At the corporate level, users have an overview of the data, reports, and trends to see what is happening at all sites.



  • Each site can have its own data dictionary, or an organization can implement a ‘corporate data dictionary’ to standardize values and categories. (Since different sites conduct similar activities but call them by different names in different regions, this can help organizations 'compare apples to apples' to simplify corporate reporting.)
  • Personal stakeholder data can be masked in reports that will be viewed offsite, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential without compromising reports to corporate headquarters.
  • Generate reports for executive management in two clicks, reducing the burden on individual sites for monthly and quarterly reporting.
  • People at the corporate level have an overview of what’s happening at each site.
  • People at each site can only see their own activities.
  • Each site has the freedom to configure the software to their own needs.


Which add-on should I use?

Depending on your needs, you can use either add-on by itself, or both together. Here’s a summary of what you can do with each one:


Team Data Segregation

Use this add-on if you:

  • want to segregate information between teams
  • have confidential information that should not be shared with everyone (e.g., external consultants)
  • have various projects that include different stakeholders

Without it:

  • stakeholders & engagements are visible to all users

Corporate View

Use this add-on if you:

  • require different configuration between sites
  • want to establish common KPIs across sites to measure social performance
  • want to improve consistency between sites and push corporate standards


Without it:

  • the head office needs to consolidate reports from each different site manually
  • data can be segregated by project (using the TDS add-on)
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