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Step up data security in Borealis with SCIM, MSAL & Intune

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August 11, 2022




For those of us at Borealis, ensuring the privacy and security of our clients' data is a top priority. Security standards are constantly evolving, and data security is becoming more critical every day. To help mitigate those risks, we're always working to provide new ways to help our clients better control access to their data and comply with changing industry standards.


A few of our clients’ IT teams have asked about additional security measures to help manage Borealis access in a more central, secure manner. We’re pleased to announce that we now support SCIM provisioning and we’re working on MSAL and Intune integration. If your organization has implemented SAML authentication or uses multi-factor authentication (MFA), your IT team might also be interested in these new options!


The stakeholder information you store in Borealis is sensitive, and controlling access to your data is vitally important. Organizations need to be sure that their employees can access everything they need to do their work while restricting unnecessary access to sensitive data. In some cases, it’s important to make sure that confidential information does not leave a controlled environment (in this case, Borealis).


SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) provisioning is a protocol that provides an extra layer of control for managing user profiles and access. Once SCIM integration is set up, your IT department will be able to create, modify and deactivate users and assign access rights from their existing identity management service. This is particularly helpful for organizations with large or frequently changing teams that use many different software systems.


MSAL (Microsoft Authentication Library) works a lot like SAML, but authenticates users to connect through Microsoft Entra ID (MSAL is typically integrated with Microsoft Intune.) Please note that for now, MSAL is only supported on the Borealis mobile app.


Microsoft Intune lets organizations restrict the use of mobile applications in a secured environment. It can be configured to prevent logins using an uncontrolled device, and also prevent information from being transferred from the mobile app to an unsecured device.


You can find more information about how to set up SCIM or see a list of operations supported in Borealis in our Help Center.


Upcoming Webinars

We’ve updated our list of upcoming training sessions in the Help Center… be sure to check it out! These sessions on Borealis Stakeholder Engagement module and Borealis Analytics are particularly helpful for new users, or for those who have been out of the loop for a while. If you think that anyone on your team would benefit from a refresher course, please invite them to register.


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