Product release - September 2022

Improve the way you plan your engagements as a team and get your new users up to speed more quickly with our new release!



Share your planned meetings with your team

Planning your stakeholder engagements as a team is never a straightforward affair. Making sure that we know what is going on across the whole team at all times can go a long way to improve efficiency. We hope these new improvements will help you in this process.

Improved calendar

The calendar widget is a great way to look at what's happening and help you plan ahead. We introduced new improvements to the calendar to make it a great sharing tool.

Keep in mind that this is all part of the Analytics widget tools, meaning that no matter what type of calendar you want to produce, the improvements can apply!

  • You can now create new records (tasks or planned events for example) directly from the calendar.
  • A new legend allows you to toggle types of events on or off.
  • The new list view shows all the events for the week in a convenient list format.
  • The new Show all button that lets you see all records when there are a lot on the same day.
  • Improved visualization on mobile phones.

Search for "My tasks - Calendar" in the widgets list to find an example of a calendar widget. If you are using the standard My assignments dashboard, you will also see a Tasks calendar there.


Outlook add-in - Update your calendar events

Meetings get pushed back, new participants are invited, we know that plans are not set in stone. For this reason, we added this new feature in the Outlook add-in. If a meeting that was already sent to Borealis gets updated, the Add-in will automatically notice and ask you if you want to update the Borealis record. 

You can find the information on how to install and use the Outlook add-in right here.


New Gmail add-on

We are happy to introduce the new Gmail add-on that allows you to push your communications from your email client to Borealis in an easy, flexible manner. It includes all the same features as our beloved Outlook add-in.

  • Save and categorize emails to Borealis
  • Send your calendar events (whether planned or the ones that already occurred) to Borealis
  • Search your Borealis stakeholders list to add recipients to your communications

You can find the information on how to install and use the Gmail add-on right here.


Welcome page

We want to make sure that new users (or users returning after a long time) get the best experience with Borealis. For this reason, we decided to introduce a new welcome page with the following sections:

  • Walkthrough of the user interface
  • List of superusers to contact in case of questions
  • Quick links to different sections to help get started
  • Video of the interface
  • Link to the Borealis Help Center
  • and more!

All users will receive this new welcome page on their dashboard. It can be dismissed or moved to another tab if that is not the first thing you want to see when you log in. It can be found again using the Add report button and searching for "Welcome" if you ever need it again later. Read the following article to find out more!


Other improvements

Stakeholder engagement

  • Individuals and Organisations: There is a new action named Link to issue that can be used to link multiple stakeholders to an issue with a single operation using a batch action.
  • Issues and Commitments: It is now possible to configure email notifications based on the Department field, sending notifications to the user in charge of the department.

Outlook add-in

  • It is now possible to enter the stakeholders that were mentioned in the Outlook add-in using the Stakeholders mentioned field.


  • Deactivated records still show in search results when they are relevant, but are more visibly grayed out to make it clear that they are indeed deactivated 
  • When wearching for an address on the map, the map zooms in on the address and now a pin shows the address as well.


  • When exporting reports to PDF format, the date and time of generation are now in the footer and the hyperlinks show in blue.

Mobile application

  • The list of Issues is now available in the mobile application. It is also possible to choose the Issues linked when creating a new communication.

Social investment

  • Capacity building - It is now possible to enter specific start date and end date for each stakeholder, in the case that each stakeholder starts and completes the capacity building program at different times.

Land access

  • It is now possible to link a grievance from the Impact inventory record.


  • All the preferences that can be adjusted by the user are now in their own section of the user page.


  • It is now possible to send information on unsubscriptions to distribution lists using a new specific API call.
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