Create an event from Gmail and send it to Borealis

When you use the Borealis add-on from your Gmail mailbox, you will be able to create meetings from this calendar and send them to Borealis.


Not done yet? Read the article How to install the Borealis add-on to your Gmail account. If you have already installed it, go to the next steps:

1. From the Google App located next to your profile picture, choose your Google calendar:



2. Click on "Create". When the drop-down menu appears, choose "Event". A window will open in your calendar. Click on the button at the bottom labeled "More Options":



3. Open the Borealis add-on. Fill in the information and click "Send to Borealis":


Note: When you connect to your Borealis instance for the first time, enter the URL associated to. Afterwards, add your login information.


4.  Your meeting will be successfully sent when the message appears at the bottom. Then, click on "View in Borealis":



5. You will be redirected to the "Record page" of the event that was just created.



To learn more, see the article Synchronizing your meeting calendar.

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