Create an Environmental Monitoring Program

Note: you can use the import tool to load multiple Monitoring Programs in bulk from an Excel template. 

To create a new Monitoring Program: 

  1. From the Environmental Monitoring register, select “Monitoring programs” (under SETUP), then click the green ‘+Create’ button.  
  2. Complete the mandatory fields:  
    1. enter a name for the program 
    2. select a program type
    3. choose a management mode for alerts (which can be generated by sample or by result) 
    4. Complete the other fields, if necessary, and then click save.  

Configure the Monitoring Program 

The monitoring program includes five sections where you can enter additional information: General Information, Setup, Monitoring, Stakeholder Engagement and Chain of Custody. 

  1. Create the PARAMETERS that will be measured from the SETUP tab. Simply enter a name and reference code, the input format, and if the chosen format is numeric, the calculation and reports. Complete the other fields as needed, and then save.
  2. Enter the MONITORING STATIONS in the SETUP tab. You will need to provide a name, reference code, and type of site. Complete the other fields as needed, and then save. Repeat the process for each Monitoring Station. 
  3. Enter the STANDARDS and THRESHOLDS for your monitoring program. 
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