Edit Properties in Table Widgets

The Properties tab in a table widget allows you to view and modify information based on the data set defined in the first step. The information can be filtered using the following criteria:

  • Columns to display in a table
  • Sorting rules and order
  • Maximum categories to display


The columns section lets you determine which columns will display in the table. The order in which the columns are listed also determines display order, meaning that the first field at the top of the list will be the first column on the left of your report. Add as many columns as needed by clicking on the +Add Column in the Columns section. To delete a column, simply click on the minus (-) sign at the right of the field.

The different columns you can add are divided by section, representing tabs from the form you previously selected. In some cases, you can have the same column name for data from two different sections. If you added a calculated value (in the calculated values tab) the name of that calculated value has to be selected from that drop-down of columns in order to display in the widget. The name will always appear at the beginning of the list.



You can sort data appearing in a table based on different criteria. To do so, choose the value to use to sort the data and then select the sorting order (ascending or descending). Multiple sorting criteria can be defined and the sequence you choose determines the priority of the sorting process.

You can also limit data appearing in a table to a certain number. To do so, enter a number value in the maximum categories to display section. Keep in mind that if you set the limit to 5, only the first 5 items will display.


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