Search and Analyze Grievances created by the Portal

All grievances coming from the portal may now be easily filtered by users with grievance data access.

In the grievance register of Borealis, you can use one of our handy “Quick filters”: the Online portal. This filter will allow you to be just one click away from all the records created from the grievance portal.


Get real time information using Analytics

The Grievance portal and Borealis analytics are powerful tools. When using them, you get accurate data coming directly from your stakeholders, analysed in real time by analytics. Automatic reports are also available to optimize your grievance workflow.  

You may use the already existing Grievance Portal widget to retrieve the information, or you may build your own widget.

To build widgets with data coming from the grievance portal, you need to select the Stakeholder engagement - Engagements – Grievances form. The available fields are the same ones used by the stakeholder when creating a grievance. Some fields are identified with the prefix Portal and can be used to retreive the data you intend to present in the widget. The field "Created from Portal" can be used to show only the grievances that were created using the portal.


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