Manage a media relations structure in Borealis

Setting up a media relations management structure in Borealis can save your team a lot of time. Indeed, pooling information makes it possible to share data efficiently, guard against oversights, and report globally on what actions were taken. 


Several factors need to be taken into account to effectively manage your media relations tracking in Borealis:

  1. Understand where to enter your stakeholders into the system.
  2. Adequately organize the components of your media relationship structure.
  3. Define your reporting needs.

Enter your stakeholders in Borealis

Internal stakeholders

  • Internal stakeholders are the members of your organization who are involved in a media exchange. For example: a person mentioned in an article, a person attending a press conference, etc.
  • In Borealis, internal stakeholders are handled in the employee register.


External stakeholders

  • Media should be created as organizations.
    • Several pieces of information can be entered for media organizations, including a link to their Twitter account, and an assessment of the scope of the media.
    • Media organizations with multiple divisions can be structured using the Multi-level hierarchy feature.
  • Journalists can be created as individuals and assigned a position within an organization.
    • It is advisable to assign them, at a minimum, the position of 'Journalist' (the use of the 'Role' field is recommended) and link their Twitter account to the ‘Contact’ section of their individual record.

In both cases, stakeholders can be created using an import template.

  • To add the Twitter accounts of the stakeholders created with the import file, simply add the URL of the stakeholder's Twitter account in the "Twitter" column of the template.
  • You can refer to the article Use import template to batch create and link domain names to organizations (VIDEO), which presents the same process, but for the domain names of organizations.
  • If your stakeholders already exist in Borealis, you can use the contact information import template.


Organize the components of a media relations structure in Borealis

The table below offers a way to organize your components in Borealis:

Component of a media relations structure

Tool proposed in Boréalis


Press review

Engagement plan – Type: 'Press Review'

Press articles

Press article

Communication – Type: 'Press Review'

Text copy of the content of the article

Media tracking

Engagement plan – Type: 'Media tracking’

Relations (journalists), Twitter accounts of organizations and journalists

Press release

Engagement plan – Type: 'Press release'

Communications, tasks, goals, milestones.

Folder of Media Requests Sent

Engagement plan – Type: 'Media Requests Sent'

Records of 'Media Requests Sent'

Media request sent

Communication – Type: 'Media Requests Sent'

Email (or other) sent to journalist

Media Requests File Received

Engagement plan – Type: 'Media Requests Received'

Communications of the type 'Media Requests Received'

Media requests received

Communication under the 'Media Requests' engagement plan

Email (or other) received from journalist


Organize reporting on your media relations

The reporting structure will depend on your overall objectives. It is essential to define which components you want to monitor, and to specify the level of detail you want to include.

Reporting can be done on a variety of topics (non-exhaustive list):

  • Press reviews
    • For example: number of communications, profile of targeted media, hot topics, tone of articles, tone of articles by organization, type of material used, stakeholders mentioned, etc.
  • Media requests received or sent:
    • For example: number of communications, most active journalists, key topics, tone by media/journalist/subject category, topics most covered by media, etc.
  • The global evolution of media communications:
    • For example: most active media, evolution of communications by month/quarter/year, key topics, new stakeholders, reassessment of the sentiment of known stakeholders, etc.


Scheduling an automated sending of a Report can be planned directly within Borealis to facilitate the processing and analysis by the media relations team.

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