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Make EVEN BETTER use of your Outlook calendar

Date: November 03, 2020


Now that our days are largely planned in and around our Outlook calendar, using this tool more efficiently can really pay off. Here are two articles from our Helpdesk on how to better use your Outlook calendar with Borealis.




See ALL tasks in ONE place

Synchronize your Borealis tasks with your Outlook calendar so that you can easily see everything that's on your plate for the week. By enabling updates, any changes made to tasks in Borealis will automatically be reflected in your Outlook calendar.

Step-by-step guide




Document meetings in Borealis

Save a meeting and any notes taken during it directly in Borealis via the Outlook Add-in. The saved interaction will automatically be linked to the stakeholders who attended the meeting. One of the attendees doesn’t have a record in Borealis? No problem! Borealis will automatically create a new stakeholder and link the communication to their newly created record for you.

Step-by-step guide


Tip of the week

Need to edit a field in a record? Just double click on it and edit away!

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