Managing Events

How to manage events efficiently in Borealis

September 1, 2022


As a Borealis user, you’ve undoubtedly needed to document engagements around various types of events. This month I’d like to offer some tips that can help you handle events – along with all the related communications and interactions – in Borealis more efficiently.




Whether you’re preparing for a public consultation, organizing a webinar, or attending a conference, here’s a look at some good practices to help you manage events in Borealis.


Before an Event: Plan

Taking the time to prepare thoroughly before an event will help you set (and achieve) meaningful goals, engage more effectively, and use time and resources wisely. Don’t forget, the better you prepare, the less work you’ll have to do during and after the event.

What to do in Borealis before an event >


During an Event: Engage

When you’re attending an event, your careful preparation starts to pay off. At this point you’ll be able to focus on engaging with your stakeholders, confident that you’re prepared to deal with any situations that arise. Be sure to keep your cell phone handy, because the Borealis Mobile App might just be your new best friend!

What to do in Borealis during an event >


After an Event: Measure

After the event has concluded, the bulk of your work is done. All that’s left is to finalize things in Borealis, review your processes and outcomes, and build on lessons learned.

What to do in Borealis after an event >


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Tip of the Month

Did you know that you can switch to view the entries in a table or detailed registry on a map instead? Just click on “Summary” and select “Map” from the dropdown menu.


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