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We recommend that you always define the results you are expecting and express what you are looking for in a concise, explicit question before working in Analytics. Having a clear idea of what you are looking for in terms of information helps in defining how to translate it into the configuration and design of your report. 

Note that Reports are composed of Widgets. Click here for more details on widgets. Reports can later be used as dashboards on your homepage. Click here for more info on how to setup your homepage dashboard

Look at the video to learn more :



Enter the title of your choice.

Tip: It should represent the information displayed in the report and the purpose of the data presented. For example, "Weekly communications executive report" is an appropriate title while "Report 1" may be less relevant.


There are 3 levels of privacy for Borealis' reports:

  • PrivateReports are only for your own use; other users don't see them.
  • PublicReports are available to other users (according to their access level); other users can see them but are not allowed to modify them.
  • SystemReports are built into the system and maintained by Borealis. They cannot be deleted (only duplicated).

Click on "Save and View" to access your newly created report.

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