Grievance and Feedback Portal

Improve stakeholder relations with our online grievance and feedback portal

Date: February 16, 2021


As a stakeholder engagement professional, you know that for any project with social or environmental impacts, grievances and feedback are a given. How your organization responds can have a significant effect on community acceptance.




Providing an anonymous channel for stakeholder feedback is often mandatory and always recommended. Now that people are interacting on the web more than ever, an online portal provides a practical, efficient, and convenient way to simplify grievance and feedback collection.


Benefits of Using the Borealis Grievance and Feedback Portal

Showing that you’re ready to respond to concerns builds trust, improves stakeholder satisfaction, and helps maintain social license to operate. The Borealis Grievance and Feedback Portal:

  • Makes the grievance process more accessible
  • Ensures anonymity
  • Includes a built-in follow-up system
  • Integrates seamlessly with the Borealis grievance management process
  • Facilitates the creation of compliance reports, and
  • Can be configured to include your logo and custom fields, like text and menu options, as well as to collect any other types of feedback, like comments or general inquiries.

For a quick look at how grievances are submitted – anonymously or otherwise – through the portal, click here.


Tips and tricks

Let’s say you receive a new communication, but in reading it you realize that it’s a grievance. Use the “Convert to Grievance” function, or create a communication as a grievance to open a grievance record and start managing it accordingly.

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