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Date: July 23, 2020


Maintaining and validating the quality of data is an essential daily task for all stakeholder managers. What’s the point of collecting dozens of communications with hundreds of stakeholders if the data is incomplete? How will that support smart decision-making?


Here are a few handy tips for keeping your Borealis data clean and tidy.




Merge duplicates

Got a few extra minutes on your hands? Merge duplicates. It sometimes happens that stakeholders are created in duplicate, but since this can skew the relevance of your lists, it’s worth keeping duplicates to a minimum. Read our article on how to efficiently manage duplicates to keep lists relevant.


Get an overview

Your Borealis instance comes with comprehensive system reports that give you an overview of the quality of entered data. They’re worth consulting! You can also duplicate these reports and customize them to monitor data quality even more closely.


Here are two sample reports, based on data quality, that you can find in your Analytics reports list:

  • Data Management - Suggestions and Quality 
  • SE - Overall Data quality follow-up


Other Tips for Superusers

If you’re a super user, contact us for tips on updating your forms and data dictionaries. Now that these forms and dictionaries display the definition of fields as tooltips, it’s more important than ever to use them properly. Read our article on how to add tooltip values to your data dictionaries.

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